It was only after all the horrible things I said ungraciously to my mother that I realized

I am furious with her

For not working harder to love herself

Before expecting me to know how to love her

Much less myself


You’ve got to feed yourself

Nourish your body and soul

Cook for yourself the most appetizing meals

Shower yourself in kind words

Appreciate your flaws

Love yourself back to life

Even on the hardest days

Make yourself swoon over you

You’ve got to be in a relationship with yourself

Learn your ugly parts

And then

Practice the kind of perfect, unconditional,  everlasting appreciation that others crave

This is how you fall in love with yourself

This is how you teach your daughter to love herself

Because mommy

You love me

But that’s not enough for me to love me

if you do not love you

I will not know to love me

Because I am made from you


I couldn’t appreciate it when I was young

But you have become my best friend

And for that

I am forever grateful



You can’t hold yourself to a standard of perfection

I don’t want your heart to break

For your flaws

Or mine

You always did your best

To protect me from the same pain

That life showed you

But don’t you see?

It’s generational

The hurt was inevitable

But that’s ok

Because through the hurt

You also loved me

Built me

Taught me

Held me

Made me stronger than most

And mama

You’re strong

But you’re not bulletproof

Neither am I,

Nor should we be


You made me stronger than most

And in my eyes

You will always be a superwoman

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