Open Wounds

I think it’s easy to pretend it doesn’t matter. Sometimes that’s what feels right, is to pretend that it doesn’t matter. Convince yourself that you’re not sad anymore because why should you be? Move on, get over it, there’s better things to come! …Right? But then you get just a little too drunk and find yourself crying in the bathroom at the bar. Or that one song comes on that tugs at your heartstrings just the right way to remind you of that feeling. When you love someone, it doesn’t just go away. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe we learn to move on, but that spot in our heart where that person used to fit just right never closes up quite fully. I guess that’s why falling in love is scary. Because even when it’s over, is it ever really over?

I think it’s easy to want someone when you’re lonely. We all do. But it’s the moments when you’re happiest and you wish they were there to share it, those are the hard moments. Because it’s easy to blame missing someone on loneliness, but what do you blame when you’re not lonely?

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