Some Days

Some days seem bright and sunny and full of life. There are no limits and everything is something to look forward to. Some days are warm hugs from a close friend and someone you care about making you your favourite kind of tea. Some days are long walks in windy weather with such good company that you hardly notice the wind. Some days are conversations about what’s to come and booking flights overseas with credit cards that are almost maxed out. Some days are limitless.

Other days are bitter cold weather that chills you to the bone. They’re not being able to warm up and missing what feels like everyone and everything. Some days are inexplicable loneliness and a desperate need for something, or someone, or maybe it’s just a deep need for yourself. Some days are thinking of people who have walked in and out of your life and the plans that didn’t happen and promises you wish were never made. Some days are longing for what was, or what could be, or maybe something that doesn’t exist.

Some days…

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