4 Girls In 406

This fall I moved into a new apartment with three other girls. Girls I had known for the past three years of university. I knew them as the girls across the street that I would go visit now and then. The girls I would share a bottle of wine with before hopping on a school bus together on a Thursday evening, headed for a night of dollar beers and long lines. Girls I would meet up with occasionally for study sessions in the library (or at least we would pretend that’s what we were doing). This is what I thought of when I pictured living together. Our Thursday nights and library dates.

I had no idea these girls would become the glue that held me together this past semester. I couldn’t have anticipated all of the love that would be shared between us. And I don’t mean just the “love you’s” said in passing before bed or in our farewells. I mean the nights filled with popcorn and sunflower oil. The hours spent cuddled up in bed binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. The group grocery shopping trips. The dance parties in our kitchen. The road trips to undiscovered beaches, hiking spots and pottery houses. The moments of unspoken love and shared joy.

There were times the love was obvious. But there were so many moments my heart overflowed silently. Days I would struggle and the presence of my best friends and silly laughs would pull me right out of my darkness and back into the moment. These girls were what I needed to know I experienced what it feels like to be a twenty-something girl with a house full of best friends. What it feels like to want to spend a Friday night with your girls more than your boyfriend. What it feels like to “do life” with someone.

They were the happiest, most fun and most stable part of my world this semester. I feel like I’ve spent the past three years searching for that. And because I’ve finally found it, part of me wants to hold onto it for longer than the single semester I have left here. For things to stay the same and to resist the inevitable changes ahead. But maybe one semester will be enough for us to learn how to hold onto each other and the solace found in each other as we all move forward and embrace everything to come. The future that awaits. The uncertainty and the freedom lingering on the other side of our university degrees. And maybe as we move forward we will be okay with finding solace in new things. In new places and new people. But even if that happens, I will always hold those three girls and all the memories we made in 406 as close to my heart as possible.

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