You were everything to me

But you showed me that

To you

Everything was more important than


I wanted

To build a life with you but


Couldn’t even build me into

Your life

Do you know how hurtful it is to feel like you mean nothing to your everything?

While I made you more important than everything


Made me more important than nothing

-I chose us

“Just Friends”

I’m tired of my 3 pm thoughts turning into 2am thoughts when I can’t sleep and the reason is you.


I said it’s hard to treat you like just a friend and he said I know but I think we should get used to it

-what happens when eyes speak louder than words?


I’ll never forget the time I asked you to promise me that no matter what we’ll always be best friends

And you said yes

Even as the words left my mouth I knew it was foolish to believe something could last forever


December 2017

You acted like you just had lust for my body

Like our souls weren’t made to match perfectly

Like we were never meant to be

You and me

If it were up to me

We would be


December 2016

God knows nobody could get that purple sweater off of me

I was 3 years old, sitting in 40 degree weather and refused to take it off

It was purple and that was all I wanted

If you were a song you’d be purple

It’s your favourite colour,

It was mine too

And it was all I wanted

It’s still all I want


You make the music I was created to

The sound

Will always feel like going home


November 2016

More than any of my unfinished canvases

You have taught me of my lack of patience

You are the ultimate masterpiece


If only I could find the patience


When did you stop helping me pick up my pieces and start creating more

My heart is sore

I’m tired of loving, loving, loving

Literally exhausted

I don’t know where all my pieces went

I guess I gave too many away

I thought you were worth it babe

Thought you’d give them back


The love tenfold

Look what’s left, can you see

See me

Hear me

What’s left?

Old Habits

Always reminding me how present you are a bottle deep

You like to remind me how I’m always your priority

While ignoring my needs


You don’t see a future anymore with the person you promised forever to

Because you are unable to love the monster

You made out of me

-conditional “unconditional” love

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