You tell yourself

You know best

You’ve made up

A whole narrative

In your own head

About how things happened

The world that’s out

To get you

The people who

Betrayed you…

Created a hurt

Inside your heart

Out of the mountain

That should have been

A molehill

My dear,

You are only harming


If only you had put down

Your pride

And your fear

Long enough to


Quietly enough to


For My Father’s Pain

For my father’s pain

My heart breaks

For all the ways this life broke him

For all the ways he wishes it didn’t

For all the success he hides behind

There is a little boy

Helpless to the weight of the world

To the expectations of his mother

Holding up a wall so strong

For his family to rest

Unable to feel

Unwilling to see

The ways his hurt

Hurts others

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